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A very late entry for Alphabooks, which seems like a ton of fun. I must admit though, I’m having a real hard time remembering character’s names! I remember storylines and so forth, but names are elusive.

Thankfully one of the recent books I’ve read is the first game of thrones. Though I love the show dearly and the casting is superb, I quite liked the book’s description of Arya:

"[Sansa] …was beautiful. Sansa had gotten their mother’s fine high cheekbones and the thick auburn hair of the Tullys. Arya took after their lord father. Her hair was a lustreless brown, and her face was long and solemn. Jeyne used to call her Arya Horseface, and neigh when-ever she came near. It hurt that the one thing Arya could do better than her sister was ride a horse." 

Her looks in the book imply a kinship to her father in spirit and personality, which I thought was beautifully hinted at.

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