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Folks I now have a BRAND NEW PORTFOLIO online.

It’s pretty, and proffessional, and condenses all the goodness I have into a single, tidier place.

This regualr blog will remain here for brain farts and sketches.

Keep visiting here to see whats wrong, and visit the new professional portfolio to see what’s what.


Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Had to make some kind of present! Happy BDAY, Doc!

Finally spruced up this old diddy!

Will try to do a proper homage for the celebrations next week, see you all at the party!

Hi everybody,

I’ve just completed a short comics called “Dirsden and the Manor”.

You can read it here: http://dirsden.tumblr.com

I’ve been working on it for a long while - you can check out all kind of sketches and various stages of work right here on my blog - and it feels quite nice for it to finally be complete.



Dirsden and the Manor


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Dirsden and the manor is a short comics about two vampires who inherit the family house, but don’t want it.

To see other comics and illustration, visit my personal blog at:


Mishmash today: Studies of hilarious actor Jillian Belk (workaholics! Eastbound S4!), doodles of Pete Holmes from memory (congrats on the show man!), and a little doodle of Gir’s Stel also from memory.

Found this old thing! Have I posted it yet?

Will probably color it out towards the big Doc Who special coming later this month. Nerd-ticipation!

Phew! After having worked Digitally for a very long time to complete my cartoon Terraformin’ (  http://youtu.be/rETFhAUuFFM ! ) , it’s a real pleasure to once again doodle with real pencils and inks and colored pencils, and that gross dirt that erasers leave, and the fear of crumpling up paper.

Also celebrating the beginning of Steven Universe! I’ve waited a long time for it and it’s finally here, gonna be good times :)


Terraformin’ Episode One - Air! Is now out on youtube for all to enjoy!

Thank you for following, and be sure to keep checking the blog for more updates and production sneak peeks

Folks, it’s finally out! Check out this awesome Sci Fi cartoon and share it with space lovin’ friends :)

Coming real soon now! TERRAFORMIN’, a sci fi cartoon! Follow the tumblr or Like it on facebook @ terraformin’


Coming THIS WEEK! :) Also be sure to find us on facebook for extra updates

A sneak peek of my Sci Fi Cartoon! If you haven’t followed on tumblr yet give it a go, there’s goodies and it’ll make you happy :)